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World Class Client Care

Everybody loves our Award Winning Client Care Experience.  We bend over backwards to ensure that all of our clients are our Top Priority.  Our team is always easy to contact and will shock you with their ability to make your life dramatically easier!  Isn’t it time that you were treated like the professional you are?

Beautiful Websites to Help You Grow

All Star Cheer Sites creates visually appealing sites that actually do what a website is supposed to do…help you grow your Cheer Gym!  For the first time ever, now you have the tools necessary to thrive!  We include Lead Generation / Collection systems to help you grow fast.

Awesome Mobile Apps

91% of smartphone users keep their phone within 3 feet of them 24 hrs a day.  A Mobile app allows you build lasting relationships with your customers, and reach them where they are in a fun and professional manner.  Your app will be available in the Google Play Store as well as the iTunes Store!

Monthly Business Development Package for Cheer Gym Owners!

When we first entered the All Star Cheer world, it was clear to us that what owners were missing out on was a constant and consistent business development education resource.  So, we bent over backwards to create and provide a system to help Cheer Gym Owners get information on marketing, management, business systems and more…every single month.  All of our clients enjoy our monthly business development webinar which is chock full of valuable, business building ideas and systems.  In addition, you receive a done for you monthly communications calendar that can (and should) be delegated to your staff.  Client also immediately gain access to our secret facebook networking group where you can share ideas and strategies with other successful cheer gym owners worldwide.  To top it off, you also gain access to our amazing team of experts who will help you transform your ideas into successes.  This resource is included FREE OF CHARGE to all of our awesome clients!

Why do You need a Member Getting Website from All Star Cheer Sites Right Now?

  • Does Your Site Look Dated and Stale?

    Does your current website look like it was created back in the 80’s or 90’s?  If so, we’ve found that prospective clients tend to equate an old, stale, out of date website with a business that isn’t progressive or current with any important systems.  You only get 1 chance to make a first impression, make it a fabulous one!

  • Is Your Current Site Mobile & Tablet Friendly?

    Pull up your current website on your phone and see what it looks like. If you can’t view it or it is impossible to navigate you need a mobile responsive site so that it is viewable on smart phones and tablets.  All sites created by AllStarCheersSites are mobile responsive and look great on computer screens, smart phones and tablets.

  • Do You Have a Full Team Of Experts to Help You?

    One of the biggest complaints we hear on a regular basis is that once your website is live, you’re pretty much left on your own to “figure it out for yourself.”  That’s NEVER the case at All Star Cheer Sites.  When you come aboard, you get a full team of professionals to help you whenever you need it.  That lasts as long as you’re aboard, you’ll never be alone again!

  • Does your Current Site Capture Potential Clients’ Information?

    If your current site is not collecting info for you from website visitors to help you connect with them, you’re totally missing the boat.  In addition, you must have a quick and easy way for potential clients to contact you.  In addition to lead collection systems, All Star Cheer Sites also provides our clients with email autoresponse systems to help you with your marketing follow up and lead conversion.

  • Can You Quickly and Easily Change Your Content Yourself?

    This is easily one of the most repeated complaints we hear from owners in the cheer industry…that they can’t quickly and easily change the content on their sites without needing to contact their “web guy” who might not get back to them for a month.  Inexcusable! Most gyms  constantly run promotions and need content on their site to change. It is very annoying and expensive to have to call a web designer every time you want to change a few sentences and add a picture. All of our sites run on the WordPress platform which means if you’re able to update your facebook status, you can update your website!

  • Are You Always Using the Most Up To Date Technology?

    Let’s face it, most business owners aren’t focused on which web technology they are currently using, even if they ‘re current system is becoming obsolete.  In order to provide almost an “Unfair Advantage” to all of our All Star Cheer Sites clients, we go above and beyond to make sure you always have the most up to date systems possible.  In fact, every 24 months that you’re aboard, we provide you with a brand new site (free of charge) to make sure your web presence is always “fresh!”  How cool is that?

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